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e ngaden awak bise.
Wait... what? Is it one of the spell in Harry Potter?
Err nope. It's a song in Bali that teaches us about humility and not to claim who we are or what we can do. We must demonstrate through action and let others define us through their words and impressions. And this becomes the fundamental of Rara.
Rara was born in a small village in East of Bali, surrounded by a fine blend of natural wonders, from highlands with active volcanoes, flowing waterfalls, peaceful lakes and forested mountains. And for the past 9 years Rara has moved to one of the coldest place on earth. 
Currently based in Canada, Rara is dedicated to highlight sustainable and ethical products from Indonesia. Using all natural materials and handcrafted by skilled artisans who have learnt a unique woven technique from generation creating basketry for daily life use. 
Intrigued by the ridiculous price of the infamous rattan bag sold by luxury boutiques, Rara decides to create her own brand and is committed to improve the life of the artisans in remote villages in Bali.

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