modern boho boutique, hintonburg ottawa.
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LOVELY PEPA COLLECTION comes as a cultivation of Alexandra Pereira's experiences since the birth of her blog, globetrotting in style and collaborating with powerhouse fashion and beauty brands to build an impressive reputation for herself within the fashion industry.
The overwhelming success of Lovely Pepa sparked confidence in Alexandra to start designing a collection of her own. Inspired by her jet-set lifestyle, the label focuses on creating quality basics and statement pieces that are travel-friendly and seamlessly transition from season to season. “The most exciting part about creating a brand from scratch is that you get to take your vision and make it a reality,” Alexandra explained. “Traveling is a huge source of inspiration for me, so it’s not surprising that the range of landscapes, cultures, scents and atmospheres I’ve been exposed to have made their way into my designs.”

The collection is a portrayal of a bohemian aesthetic with feminine casual wear for the modern woman who is confident and ambitious. “With this collection, I really wanted an emphasis on basics and tunics that were free-spirited in style, but crafted with a quality, tailored design