Faithfull - Ostia Crochet Bag Black/Off White


Handcrafted in 100% cotton crochet by our Indonesian artisans, the Ostia Crochet Tote Bag is a rectangular tote bag featuring a wide strap and a statement black and white pattern. Designed in a convenient size to carry all of your essentials, the Ostia will be your go-to accessory for beach days, holidays and sunshine moments in between. The Ostia was handmade in Bali, taking 2 days to carefully complete each piece.

  • Crochet knit tote bag
  • Handmade cotton crochet
  • Medium size tote bag
  • Wide strap
  • Unlined
  • Square geo pattern
  • Handmade in Bali, taking 2 days to carefully complete each piece

100% Cotton Yarn

This garment is handmade using an artisanal craft.

We use traditional handmade crochet or hand-loomed techniques with a special finishing process. This product is carefully hand-dyed and hand-made from delicate materials and trims.

Colour variations, imperfections and natural defects in the weave are a part of the garments’ unique beauty.

This piece is thoughtfully produced. Please ensure that you take extra care of your pieces when wearing, washing and storing.

To ensure item remains in original form, please store folded rather than hanging. This will prevent the shape from altering.

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