Spring Wardrobe Staples

Spring is upon us. That means exposed ankles, the sound of birds and warmer days. We have already started celebrating by packing away the heavy winter coats and preparing to Spring Style our OOTD.

Top 5 tips for effortless spring style:

1. Layering

While Spring gets us excited for our favourite Spell Dress, don't go running out the door without a coat just yet. Think- layers upon layers. Pair a little Cami top with a cropped jacket, A blazer with your rocker tee and booties, A slip dress with a delicate scarf. The layers create a multidimensional effect, allowing a broad scope for creativity, while adding practicality. This is especially important at this point in the season, when we still have to be equally prepared for freezing cold and moderately warm.


2. Go for the Onesie

Jumpsuit, Romper, Playsuit, Pantsuit, Jumper, Onesie... what ever you like to call it; Go for it. The jumpsuit is the hero piece for minimalist style. We have so many to choose from, there really is a style to suit everyone ... Relaxed Linen overall styles for the beach chic, or for a more polished look opt for a belted style. If on the petite side this season’s culotte-style jumpsuits are for you.


3. Don't be afraid to CROP

Crop tops, Cropped Jeans, Frayed edges. The crop is a spring essential in whatever form you feel comfortable in. Let's face it, you can wear something cropped in any situation. The trick is to pair it right and not show too much skin.


4. In the Detail

Spring loves embellishments; lace, embroidery, frills, beading, delicate hem lines and brass buttons. The devil really is in the detail. When choosing your outfit it is important to pay attention to these things. Intricate details are in for Spring. So get ready to put your best foot (or embellished outfit) forward.


5. Accessorize!

No outfit is complete with out the perfect accessory. As the sunshine starts to dominate our days sunglasses and hats will be a welcome addition to your Spring Looks. A Chila Bag or Clutch will be that added splash of colour.